Monday, May 16, 2011

Time for an update....

So much has been happening, let me get started.

As most of you know, I've been taking a break from chemo for the last 2 months.  I wasn't recuperating as fast as I should have so Dr. Eaton and I agreed that it was time to let my body rest.  A couple of weeks ago I had a CT scan of my chest and it showed no new growth in my lungs (even though I haven't been getting any treatment).  As you can imagine, I was overjoyed.  The only problems I complained about were more frequent headaches and my vision is blurry some of the time.  Dr. Eaton ordered a brain MRI to check things out since I hadn't had one in 6 months or so.  The MRI came back showing that the tumors in my brain were growing and a new one had reared it's ugly head.  It was decided at that time that I would go see a neurosurgeon at the University of Washington.  That appointment was today.  Here's what I know about my brain.  Dr. Rockhill (my brain doc) sees 4 spots in my brain that need to be destroyed.  So, next Thursday I'll be going to Harborview for a procedure called Gamma Knife where they will screw 4 bolts into my head with stabilizers to keep my head from moving and shoot 192 beams of radiation at each of the 4 spots.  Before I go in for the actual radiation, they will give me another MRI (with really small slices of the brain) to see if they can locate any other unusual areas.  If so, they will gamma knife those as well.  All 3 of the kids went to the appointment today to listen and ask questions.  We all agreed that this is the safest and best solution for me at this time.  (They are going to try really hard not to destroy any of my good brain matter since that doesn't work all the time anyway)  OK, enough about cancer.

After the appointment, I took the kids out for lunch and for pedicures.  They had all taken the day off to go to the doctor's visit so I thought they could use a little treat.  Even Jacob joined in the fun willingly.  He wasn't too embarrassed (he was the only guy in the place).  More men should get their feet done...

Kelly and I have been working diligently getting ready for Relay for Life.  The theme this year is Stampede against cancer so we're working on our cowboy theme.  We're looking forward to seeing all our friends, family and fellow survivors.

This past weekend, 8 of us girls who graduated from Stanwood High School got together over at Desert Aire.  We had a blast.  My dear friend Cindy (who also has a house over there) was the hostess for all of us.  The food, fun and friendship was immeasurable.  I can't wait to do it again next year..and the year after that...and the year after that (if you get my point :).  My best friend from high school, Kathi, stayed with me at my house and we talked about life all weekend long.  It wasn't a kegger, but that didn't stop the party from being dull.

Amy has moved into the townhouse she bought on Beacon Hill.  I got to see it last Monday and it's adorable.  She is on the hill right by a park that overlooks Safeco and Quest fields, Elliott Bay and the city of Seattle.  She loves the location for both of her jobs.  I'm really happy for her.  Now if the rest of her furniture would get delivered :)

Jake's knee is healing very well after his accident on the basketball court.  He and Megan are getting a new puppy.   The dog is a yellow lab and his name will be Mac.  I'll post photos once he's born.  I keep telling them I watched Marley and Me...but they tell me not to worry.  Their doggy will be in obedience classes as soon as he's old enough.  Good luck kids...

Angie was named "Teacher of the Year" at her school.  She just attended a dinner put on by the Marysville School District to honor the teachers from each school who won the award.  I'm really proud of her.  If you had a chance to see her teach, you'd be proud too.

I hope I got you caught up on my "One Life to Live" saga.  We're all doing great. According to Dr. Eaton's orders... I only do things that "BRING ME JOY".

Always dreaming BIG,