Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Yesterday we had a little poker tournament at our house with some of Rick's old friends and he had a great time.  Mom, Megan and I made some snacks for the gamblers so they wouldn't go hungry.  Jake and Shannon made it to the final table but didn't win anything, Rick took third place, Tinker took 2nd, and Zip took 1st.  Congratulations what about a cut for the hostess?

Rick and I are both exhausted today so we're just laying low watching college basketball.  Oh wait, we've been watching college basketball non stop for about a week :)  Congrats to all you Husky Fans and anyone who's ever heard of N. Iowa.

Amy and Mel spent the weekend at Desert Aire having a great time with family and neighbors.  Angie and Shannon are getting ready for their trip to Bora Bora (oh, I'm so jealous).  Yesterday they went house shopping...Shannon needs to live closer to her new job in Seattle.  Jake and Megan are in Seattle today visiting Ken and Debbie (Meg's parents), Dave and Val moved back to their real house yesterday, so it's just Rick and I hanging out by ourselves.  It's so quiet :)

I guess I'd better go make some lunch.  Rick just keeps losing weight so I need to feed him as often as he'll eat something.

Dream Big,

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