Friday, June 3, 2011

Brain Update

Good news...I have brains.  I know we've all been worrying about that for quite some time, but I have a bunch and they all seem to be working (ok, that might have been an overstatement). 

Last Thursday, I had the most amazing procedure done on my brain.  I know I've told you a little bit about it, but to be a recipient of it was unbelievable.  When I arrived at Harborview at 6:30am they explained the procedure, had me sign some paperwork then started the preparation.  A neurosurgeon came into my room and injected my scalp and skull with a numbing agent to help with the pain of the screws being inserted into the skull itself.  The shots to the skull were equally as painful or close to the pain of the screws that attached a head stabilizer.  After the numbness started, he used a screwdriver and attached this apparatus with 4 long screws.  After that, I had another brain MRI with this headgear on to help them determine if they had identified all the tumors.  In fact, they found 7 tumors all together (4 of them were quite small, but new and growing none the less).  After about an hour and a half with the neurologists and neurosurgeons evaluating my pictures, they came up with a game plan and the procedure began.  I went into the gamma knife machine for 97.3 minutes and the entire process was done with the use of radiation and a computer.  My doctors were in another room while it took place.  My family was proud of me for being a trooper that day.  No tears, or whining, or screaming.  Just peace.  Peace that we would find a way to get these buggers before they grew anymore.

I'm one week out and I feel great.  Two of my screw sites are still a little tender, one hurts like heck when I cough so I hold my head tight when I feel a cough coming on.  Other than that, the wounds look like mosquito bites.  I won't really know for a couple of months if the procedure worked, but we'll be checking every month to see how things are progressing. 

When I think back 5 years ago having just been diagnosed with lung cancer, I could not have imagined all the amazing works of medical science that would have helped save my life. I am forever grateful for the opportunities I've been given. 

Looking forward to attending opening day of WNBA STORM  basketball tomorrow.  The team will be awarded their championship rings and we all get to be a part of the action.  Janeen and I have season tickets (right next to Angie) so we're looking forward to a summer filled with hoops and friendship.  GO STORM!

As always, DREAMING BIG ~


  1. :))) Gratitude and a positive attitude, as always. Grace under fire.

    Loving you more than all the geckos on my patio at night...Julie H.

  2. Hugs and continue to keep YOU and your family in our positive thoughts & prayers!

    ~ Kathy & Charlie