Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hi Friends :)

Not much happening, but I thought I'd write a blog just so you know I'm still around.

My head gets better everyday (I usually wake up with a headache that is easily relieved by Tylenol).  I can't believe how quickly the brain heals after it's been messed with.  I still cough everyday but that's old news that I've been living with for over 5 years.  What's another 5 years? 

Amy is laid up at home with a bad neck.  I'm not sure what she did to hurt it so much but she's been in bed for a day and a half on ice, muscle relaxants and ibrupropen with no apparent relief.  I hope she starts feeling better soon or she's off for an MRI.

Jake is applying for a job with the La Conner School District as a first grade teacher.  He's really hoping to get the job so we're all excited for him.  He and Megan are getting ready to visit their new puppy for the first time in about a week so I'll probably be posting some photos soon.

Angie is looking forward to her summer vacation so she can spend more time with Susie (my grand dog) and attend all the Seattle Storm games.  Janeen and I will meet up with her many times this summer and go to the games as well.  Now that they live in Edmonds, there are all kinds of fun things to do to keep her busy.  

Kelly has left me for the week...she's gone to Mexico with her family for a much needed vacation.  :)  Hope she's having a great time.

Father's day is just around the corner...Though it's a sad time for us without Rick here, I must say that my DAD is one of a kind.  He has been such a help to all of us over the years and never asks for anything in return.  If your Dad is still around, please remember to tell him how much he is loved and thank him for the countless ways he has been there for you without even knowing it.  I know I'll do my best to give my Dad all my love on Sunday and every other day.

Love you more than all the flowers in bloom,

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  1. Please let us know how you and your family are doing. We all care so much....